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Want to know more about the Alberta Indigenous Games?

In 2018 we have decided to introduce team sports as an annual subject for the games as we have received many requests by coaches and athletes. The Official Alberta Indigenous Games is a sporting event held every 2-years in Alberta that brings together Indigenous youth for a week of competition and culture featuring 11 different sports. The games were founded by the late Allan Ross (1955-2015) who was both a teacher and coach working with many Aboriginal youth throughout his career.

Ross based the philosophy of the games around the teachings of Dr. Martin Broken Leg’s “Circle of Courage” philosophy which consist of: Generosity, Independence, Belonging and Spirituality.

The very first edition of AIG were held in 2012 and continued on in 2013 and 2015. This summer August 16- 19th  2018, the games will make its return for its fifth edition!




10 thoughts on “About the Games!

  1. Hi there,
    I heard there were low numbers at the boys basketball tryouts this weekend. Does that mean there will be another tryout? I coach the Sr boys atnGlebmary High school in Peace River and have a bunch that may be able to tryout… One of my boys were there this weekend.
    I had no idea there were these games tryouts till a week ago and was already past deadline to register for tryouts.
    Please email or give me a call 780-618-6728

    1. Send your boys to our Games in August. The tryouts you were referring to were for the North American Indigenous Games. We are Alberta Indigenous Games for the province. We have a big turnout for basketball. Any player is free to sign up and be put on a team or players can sign up with a team entry with their team. Individual is $80 per sport or $400 for the team. Updated Registration Forms are website now.

    1. Hi there is no limit to number of players on a team for ball hockey. It is co-ed. Just click on our information link on this website.

    1. We do have some pennies but most teams do have their own pennies or jerseys. If you are in Senior Division and older than 18 then coach isn’t necessary. We can help provide volunteers to help coach if needed.

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