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August 11-17th, 2019

2019 Alberta Indigenous Games Executive Summary

August 11-17, 2019 will bring together Indigenous youth from across Alberta to engage in one week of competitive sports, traditional games, special events, education, and cultural connection. The 6th overall Games will be the the third Games for three years in a row following 2017 and 2018 Games. It will also be the 4th Games in the last 5 years. There has been tremendous growth and momentum. In 2015 we had 480 youth registered in our Games and in 2017 we had over 1100 youth. In 2018 we held a condensed 5 sport Games for the first time as compared to the 10 sport event and we still had over 900 youth participate with over 100 different teams throughout Alberta participate.

The mandate and theme of the Alberta Indigenous Games is RECLAIMING OUR YOUTH through sport development, educational empowerment, career opportunities, and cultural connection. In that spirit, the Edmonton Native Ball Association (ENBASports) is honoured to organize the 2019 Alberta Indigenous Games. The Games will be located in the City of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

ENBASports will build on the success of the Alberta Indigenous Games held in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018. They will also build upon partnerships previously established and enter into new relationships to bring thousands of Aboriginal athletes, coaches, and their families to the 2019 AIG Games.

“Body and soul heal together and individuals heal as community heals. The Alberta Indigenous Games bring together sport and thought, tradition with innovation, individuals, and community, history and the present moment, heart and soul. The event facilitates physical development and emotional growth, friendly competition and cooperative effort, just the right combination to promote healing of the body/mind.”

-Dr. Gabor Mate, M.D. Physician and Author

August 11-17th 2019 will be the first time the Games will be held over 7 days as compared to 5 day events in all previous Games. Due to the growth we anticipate over 1500 youth to participate and we need the extra time to comfortably hold each sporting event. The Games will feature role model mentors, Elders, Indigenous arts, speaking, music, dance, and other cultural gatherings affirming the theme of “Reclaiming Our Youth”.

These games will motivate and increase the physical activity participation of Aboriginal youth from across the Province of Alberta. Over 1500 youth are expected to participate in these games. All sports ages are based off of youth from ages 12-20 years old. Each sport varies on age categories depending on what works best for each sport. With lacrosse the only one different having youth ages 10-18. 12 sports are currently being planned: Archery, Athletics (Track & Field), Basketball, Ball Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Canoeing, Cross Country, Golf, Fastpitch Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Volleyball. Sport coordinators, and their staff, will be selected in collaboration with provincial sport bodies to ensure sanctioned officiating, accountability, safety, security, and professional scheduling of events. We also anticipate over 100+ volunteer positions.

The Alberta Indigenous Games will continue to promote, integrate, and infuse the Circle of Couragephilosophy throughout all events of the games.All staff and volunteers will be encouraged to assist in delivering an emotionally supportive environment, to reclaim our youth through the wisdom of Indigenous culture and the amazing power of sport. A manual to foster this environment will be developed and available as a resource for athletes, coaches, staff, sponsors and volunteers.

If you are a corporation or organization or individual sponsoring more than $2500 please click on the Sponsorship Package in RED lettering at the beginning of this page on how to sponsor. If you want to sponsor our Games for $2500 or less via credit card then please see the information below and place to fill out your credit card. We have several different options to sponsor from $50 up to $2500 by credit card. We will provide a charitable tax receipt for those that request one for sponsorship amounts.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at ab.ind.games@gmail.com

We would be pleased to meet with you and/or your representatives to discuss your involvement in the Games. Deadline for all Sponsorships will be July 15th, 2019

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